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Earn from home-Join Fotocons affiliate program

Fotocons affiliate program-earn from home

Nowadays when special focus is given on work from home, an affiliate program can be the best source of your regular income.

If you are a writer, blogger or publisher, congratulation this post can be your life changer.

Before I begin i think there is some introduction of what this affiliate program is

If we put it in simple words, an affiliate program is some type of agreement in which a merchant site pays a commission for the affiliate (influencer) for bringing traffic for the service a merchant site providing or sale for the particular product a merchant site has listed.

An influence can achieve this with web content, social media posts, or a product post on integration. The affiliate gets a unique referral link from which clicks can be tracked through using cookies method.

You can be part of the affiliate community where 100 other participants are benefiting with the recurring income from participating with Fotocons affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make your blog the source of regular income.you don’t have to sell any product or invest in inventory. Simply Joining an affiliate program can get you share new content and product of your choice to your audience and at the same time earn money .

When you search affiliate marketing on google you will be flooded with thousands of merchant companies showing up attractive and lucrative offers.

But I recommend Fotocons and I have some solid reason behind it.

Why fotocons affiliate is better than any other existing affiliate program?

1.Higher percentage of commission

Unlike any other affiliate program here you will get up to 12 percent of commission on products

2. Wide range of products related to Indian art ,art prints and handicrafts

you can choose amongst the wide range of products that fit best for your theme and niche of your blog content. be it be life style,home office decor interior fashion blog,Indian art crafts,artwork,artist,

Every bloggers have something to share to his audience.

3 Same percentage of commission on repeat buying by the same buyer

This is the feature almost not present in any other merchant site. If a user with a reference link becomes registered buyer . The same percentage of commission from the each purchase hereafter will be credited in to the account of affiliate

4.Buyer on his first purchase will get offer and discount

You can promote your audience with the offer and discount Fotocons is providing for the buyer on his first purchase.

5 .Affiliator can himself make a purchase with his own reference link

Yes this is the feature almost not present in any other affiliate program. Here an affiliator can make a purchase with his own referral link and the commission will be credited in his account

6. Easy to get URL feature,easy sharing platform

Fotocons affiliate dashboard is very user friendly. Feature of get tiny URL is there. A default sharing mechanism is present. Only you need to log in to your account and browse any product of your choice. Share the product or get url,by default referral id is in the link for tracking

7.Easy tracking feature

In affiliate dashboard ,you have a clear and understandable tracking system where number of hits,user and revenue generated is updated daily.

8. Easy sign up feature

In affiliate program there is easy one step sign up form to join this program .

9 .24×7 live support

Fotocons support team is always there to support you in case any issue regarding the program

So guys isn’t it a right idea ? Make money while you take rest.

For 99% of people, affiliate marketing  one question

Is that so?

Yes, it is as simple as I put it here. Just try once and you won’t regret it.


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