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This Dark Night Will Pass-There will be new Morning

This Night will pass,tomorrow a new morning will come

“This dark night will pass, tomorrow will be a new morning
No mention of past, no worry about tomorrow
Just be meaningful to us today
We are not so inadequate, we are not so helpless
Although deep in the trouble
Be the guardian of the restraint and discipline
This evil will lose us
New life will decorate us
This dark night will pass, tomorrow will be a new morning”

Time is difficult but we can also make it valuable by doing our creative work. There are hundreds of tasks that you can do right now during this lockdown, keep yourself busy in creative works. Here, not only will keep you energized,
but there will be new self-confidence and freshness, so that when you come back the same fast-paced race of life, you don’t feel weird.

The reality of life depends on your past efforts. Only the events of the past help in building the future.
If you make some new creation with the help of time tool given to you in your struggle days, then surely your future will be bright and bright and Flourishing
Today, the world is going through a huge crisis, an increasing number of corona infection affected every day can push any person into despair and trough.

So let’s do some work in this free time that will give us hope of some bright future

Creativity-This dark night will pass, tomorrow a new morning will come
This dark night will pass, tomorrow a new morning will come (source image-Pexels)

1.Learn anything new apart from the routine

Many famous celebrities of our India like Rabindranath Tagore, Jawahar Lal Nehru Mahatma Gandi, if you read his life, you would know that they did proper use of their time even under the most difficult circumstances.
If you wish to learn or do something new, you will not get a better time than this.
Many Indian players like Roser Federer, Yajuvendra, Ravindra Jadeja are refreshing their old hobby in their free time or learning something new.

2. Help your family Members in Household work

You are with your family members at home, why not help them in household routines. You can show your affection by helping your wife or mother in their work. Do not put elderly people to work while showing sensitivity towards them

Meditation-a way to know thyself
Meditation-a way to know thyself (source image-Pexels)

3.Spend some time for yourself

Here is the time to go find yourself. Human’s best association is his own company. It is time to stay with your inner self. Pay attention Maybe you can get rid of some negative feelings or your old dirty habits.
When a person like Bill Gates who is spending more time away from the phone and computer why don’t you?

4.Do something new and innovative

Our history is full of such personalities who have not given up their lives even in the adverse circumstances. and have always been busy giving some precious gift to the humaniity with their creative skill..They were busy doing some creative work even when they are in the hardest phase of their lives.you should also take inspiration from them and make use of this time..

5. Do some charity work.
Work in the interest of the country. Be the perfect personality for your family. Birth of great leadership takes place in difficult times, it is time for being the magic key of everyone’s life to awaken the expectancy of life at the time of lockdown.

Do some Charity
Do some Charity Work (source Image-Pexels)

Think what you can do for the country The first step to do something for the country is our home, here is the time to assess yourself and learn something new.
At this time, the biggest task of the country is to protect itself and its family. If you are safe, your family will be safe. This society will be safe, this country will be safe
Today, while an epidemic like Corona has gripped the entire world, people are locked in the boundary wall
But remember the experience and memories are not bounded.
Create new experiences, remember new experiences,
Remember old memories and cherish the experience. This dark night will pass, tomorrow will be a new morning

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