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Corona Crisis-Fear of death rekindles appetite for immortality

Corona Crisis-fear of death

Life eternal truth ‘message’ hidden in Corona crisis, fear of death rekindles appetite for immortality Today, in the crisis of Corona epidemic, people are giving back their long-cherished desire to gain immortally or to bluff the death. The focus of the entire world is on how to conquer this corona epidemic. Saving the entire humanity of the world from this epidemic is the only objective of the whole whorl.
Coronavirus has made the whole world face the truth of death but at the same time, it has also increased people’s fascination for life. This fascination of life is now trying to be immortal in laboratories
It has been said in the scriptures that the journey of death starts with birth. Death is the eternal truth and it cannot be avoided. As each day of your life passes, you get closer to death. Hearing the word death, everyone is scared and no one wants to talk about it, but in this crisis of coronavirus, only death is being discussed all around.

Death is a matter of grief and happiness
Death is a matter of grief and happiness

Because most of the people are only busy in life. Some people love money, some love their chair, and some love to store material things. Before we write anything further on this, it is necessary to describe here a mythological story.
In the Bhagavata Purana, there is a story related to Emperor Yayati. According to this legend, Yayati had reached 100 years of age. He owed a big Palace. He had wealth around the world and he had many sons but when Yayati came to face death, he was not ready to die. Yayati said with death that she is depressed right now. Are very thirsty They want to live for many more years. After this, he was compromised with death. According to this agreement, Yayati had to ask her sons for her age, but no one except her youngest son Puru agreed to it.
Because for the first time in our lifetime, we are probably witnessing death so closely, therefore everyone is asking the same question whether deaths from this virus can be avoided? And even if the coronavirus is eradicated quickly, what is the guarantee that no other virus will kill people in the coming times?

Viruses, pandemics, famines, diseases and natural disasters have been the cause of death for thousands of millions of years, not just today? So, should death be considered as the final truth and kneel before him? Should we assume that if death cannot be avoided then what is the benefit of fighting for life? The answer is no, not at all. In Hinduism, it is believed that the body is mortal and the soul is immortal, but in this time of crisis, there is talk of making the body immortal too.

Will the changes be permanent post coronavirus era?

That is, this fear of death has once again awakened the hunger of humans to become immortal. You might not believe it, but humans have conquered death to an extent in the last few years, the greatest evidence of this is that in the last two centuries, the average age of humans has increased from 40 to 72 years. In some developed countries, this average age is even 80 years. That is, till today one hundred and fifty hundred years ago, in the destiny of most humans, it was written to die at an early age, but today due to science and technology, mankind has been successful in changing this destiny. Earlier people used to live on average 40 years and now people believe that real life starts after 40, then is it possible that humans can take the average age of 72-80 years to 150-200 years in the coming years And then after a few years, man can achieve the boon of immortality?
All these things may have seemed cheeky to you, but the truth is that big scientists, companies and researchers of the world have started working in this direction. American entrepreneur Bill Maris, who started Google Ventures, claimed a few years ago that thanks to science and technology, humans could live for at least 500 years.

Hydroxychloroquine (Quinine)and its connection with India.

There are several companies are working of the world on such projects whose purpose is to increase the lifespan of humans. Several phamaceutical companies and Medical recearch institutes are being supported by Govt Fund to work in this field.There are many scientist who claimed that by the year 2045 humans will be able to upload their brain into machines. That is, whether you are physically immortal or not, after 25 years from now your mind will definitely become immortal in digital form. That is, even after the body is over, it will be possible to store your memories and feelings forever.

Pankaj Kapahi of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging believes that it is possible to increase the lifespan of humans by 4 to 5 times. The maximum deaths due to coronavirus are those who are 60 years of age or older but according to the Global AgeWatch Index, by the year 2050, the total population of people up to 60 years in the world population will increase to about 21 per cent. Maybe then people start saying that Sixty is the New Forty. By the year 2050, the share of people over the age of 80 in the whole world will also increase from 2 to 4 per cent. That is, despite the epidemics and other problems, people will be able to live longer.

definition of death will change
Will the definition of death change forever ?

Researchers claim that by the beginning of the next century it will be possible to replace vital organs of humans with machines and computers. That is, if any part of a person stops working, then machines will replace him. Renowned author Yuval Noah Harari writes in his book Homo Dais that death for religious people may be a decision taken by God, but death for scientists is a technical flaw in the body that is exposed to the body. The entire system stops working. Harari says that scientists can correct this technical flaw in labs and death can be avoided. That is, humans can also be made immortal. Homo in the Latin language means man and Dais mean deity. That is, the title of the book of Yuval Noah Harari also tells that in the coming days, man will not be less than any deity.

Life’s biggest secrets are solved in the scientific lab

In the past few decades, due to technology and science, we have been successful in avoiding many natural disasters, finding cures for serious diseases, and hunger and poverty have also been controlled to a great extent. For example, in the 14th century, when the epidemic of Black Death spread all over the world, people started thinking of it as an outbreak of God. About seven and a half crore to 20 crore people died in this epidemic. After this, in 1918, an epidemic called Spanish flu spread all over the world. Millions of people were also killed by this epidemic, but by then the blind faith about epidemics had reduced to some extent. People were being advised to use face masks by social distancing and advertising in newspapers, but scientists were not in a position to say anything concrete about this virus….

Hinduism and Christian belief of Life and death
Hinduism and Christian belief of Life and death

In the Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that no weapon can cut off the soul, fire cannot burn, water cannot melt and air cannot dry. After death, the soul changes its body just as you change your clothes. In modern language, you can say that the body is a mobile phone and the soul is a sim card whose signals do not stop even after coming out of the mobile phone. But now there is an effort to make the body immortal too.
then the definitions of death will change forever
This is not a small effort. If a man is successful in this, then the definitions of death given in different religions will also change forever. In Hinduism, it is believed that even after death, a person is born again and again in different vagaries and this is called the world. Moksha is the name to be released from this bond of birth and death, but maybe in the coming time, these moksha will also start giving you machines. Even in Islam, it is believed that death separates body and soul and after death begins the journey to another world, but it is possible that science does not allow such a situation.
Christianity also envisages heaven and hell, according to which people who do good deeds go to heaven after death and people who do bad deeds go to hell but maybe in the coming times, good and bad deeds Both of them have the option to go to a lab and make themselves immortal.

Death is a matter of grief or happiness. Humans today need to understand this difference. It cannot be said when science will conquer death, but if you want, you can conquer the fear of death today. If death stands before any of us today, will we be able to accept death happily? Can we tell ourselves that whatever we have done so far? Done with dedication. Can we face our death with our full diligence and our labour too? There will probably be very few people in this world who can accept this.

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