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Fight Corona with us -Join Fotocons’s social campaign

Support Lockdown

When entire country is slowly coming to a halt asall businesses shut down, except essential services, as case of corona virus continue to rise across the country.The Govt is trying to handle it on a war footing, but the most important thing is compliance by the citizens s advisory regulary being released by central and state govt.

In this period of lock down we have to be socially responsible and only with collective responsibility we can fight this disease

Fotocons ( India’s biggest market place for selling and buying Indian art and handicrafts ) also playing its role in spreading social awareness and making all Indian citizens to understand the seriousness of situation and following the instruction advisory timely being released by Indian govt.

There are some social post Fotocons regularly circulates through social media.Not only this but Fotocons regularly sending mails and SMS to all Fotocons customers for this social awareness campaign

Here ,we are posting some of social posts. They are getting viral and being rapidly shared by viewers to make all other aware and alert

Prevent corona virus spread
Prevent Corona virus Spread

Common symptoms of Covid-19
Common symptoms of Coronavirus

Be proactive fight against Corona
Be proactive Fight against Corona

In these posts we are trying to make society aware of Corona virus disease. Though it is recommended to consult any of your physician if you have any flu like symptoms. Decision of physician should always be taken as final opinion.

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If you want to make any social campaign and post for any Covid-19 awareness program and want to participate in a social awareness program for the Covid-19 attack. you can visit our Greeting message section and upload image, text message and you can get personalized social post for your use.It is totally free

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Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay Home

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