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Important points to remember while shopping in this Corona era

careful shopping in corona era

Pay Attention Be conscious while doing shopping outside.
Important points to remember while you are doing shopping outside for your grossery , milk,medicine or food item
In this threatening Covid-19 outbreak when each one is advised to remain locked down and go outside only in damn essential reason.
But even if you have to go outside to bring grossery, milk or any other life-sustaining articles, please pay attention
Wash your hands, use a mask and gloves !!
You know when the government has announced 21 days lockdown all over India, our whole economy is at stack. Govt has to announce so many relief package to the citizens of India whose earning will sure be affected by this lockdown
In this time we have to be also responsible and follow some steps to make it a success. Our one wrong step can create a big problem to our family and society.

  1. First, you note down all the helpline numbers govt has released to ensure a home delivery of essential services to you. Use this to avoid going out and exposed to the risk. On store there are chances that you come across many people from different area and chances of getting in contact with them is high, so as far as possible always try to order online home delivery for necessary stuff.
  1. Big Bazaar and many other online stores are taking orders online, better give order online on whats-app or phone call. pay attention when delivery boy comes. use sanitize or hand wash before and after picking up packet. Keep packet separately at one place and spray some antiseptic like bleaching powder spray if possible. discard the outer pack. If it is vegetable, wash them thoroughly before using them.
  2. . If you are to go to bring some article, don’t forget to wear a mask and gloves and wash your hand before and after you reach home.
  3. .Make a social distancing at least for 1 meter to all other customer and also from the vendor.
  4. If possible do digital transaction. This way you can avoid going to ATM and risking more for infection. If cash transaction is there always wash your hands repeatedly after each cash handling.
  5. If you are going for bread, milk or grosser y always take a fabric bag jute preferably along with. This bag can be washed at home on hot water after each use.
  6. always avoid meeting people on the way. If you are wearing a mask, there is less chances of people recognizing you and this way you can avoid getting in contact with other known people.

    after reaching home always wash your hands carefully and then only touch anything at home.

Lastly have to say only one thing, our every conscious step can help us keep ourselves free from this infection and thus we can contribute overall to the healthy nation So please stay home, stay fit.


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