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Online classes-Some useful tips

Online Classes-some useful tips

Several steps are being taken towards controlling Covid-19 crisis. One of them is the closure of all colleges and universities. The whole country is following the lock down. The government is also thinking of extending the lock down period. At this time, many college schools and universities have started online classes to ensure that all students do not lose their studies.

However, it is not easy for those students who have been studying in a class full of student. Now it is difficult finding resources and references on the internet, studying in a room alone and completing assignments online for them. On the other hand, half the knowledge of these social media feeds, Whatsapp, is filling them with anxiety and stress.

You are taking online classes for the first time. Our tips will help you to improve this experience.

Online Classes-some useful tips
Make notes on paper instead of typing (source Image-Pexels)

1. Make note with pen and paper
In online classes you have to make a note while watching the online lecture or presentation, We advise you to make note handwritten instead of typing them on a laptop or computer.
In research, it has been found out that students who write notes on paper have more skill in solving the Conceptual Quiz than typing the notes.
Not only this, when you type, you transcribe every word in the lecture, on the contrary, if you write a note by hand, then you process and reframe the information.

Online Classes-some useful tips
Taking a break of 5 minute is quite refreshing (source Image-Pexels)

2.Taking breaks in between
Do not forget to take a break in between while reading online. Working from 45 to 90 minutes at a time, your brain works on two moles. The first is learning and focus and the second mode is consolidation. The break of 5 or 10 minutes taken after task helps your information to be consolidated in the brain.

Online Classes-some useful tips
Avoid social media distractions (source Image-Pexels)

3.Avoid Social media distraction

If social platforms like twitter Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix divert your attention between studies and do not allow you to focus, then you please exercise restraint and turn them off during studies. Some apps like freedom focus and forest are also available in the market that can overcome this problem of yours.

Online Classes-some useful tips
A well planned planner is great help (source Image-Pexels)

4.Regular study plan
Make a calendar of studies in which the information of the date of
submission assignments, exams date, etc., should be noted. Whenever you sit for online classes, definitely look at your study plan.
You can save and keep it on your computer or mobile.

Online Classes-some useful tips
To Do List for organised task (source Image-Pexels)

5.Well planned “to-do” list
Make a ” to-do ” lists of every week or month and allot the time limit.
And try to complete it while being punctual.
So, friends, these are some tips by which you can take full advantage of online classes.

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