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Impact On China-COVID-19 Era

Impact On China-Covid-19 Era

The Coronavirus has also destabilized the world’s most powerful leaders. Because of the Coronavirus, US President Donald Trump is being criticized in his own country and many people of Europe are also questioning his own people. The same thing is happening in China, but it is not easy to oppose the government in China and the questions raised against the government there are often suppressed under the pictures of big events. But the truth is that President Xi Jinping, who has attained the status of Supreme Commander in China, is no longer as powerful as the Coronavirus has also weakened his hold on power. That means Xi Jinping has become unstable.

Coronavirus-Impact on The Economy
Global-economy-Impact-source image Techzig

As you know China is now following the path of one country, one party and one system. This is the new mantra of that powerful communist party of China, whose negligence has given the world an epidemic like coronavirus. It was believed about Xi Jinping that no one will be able to shake him from his post for life, but now he is becoming politically unstable. Just take a not of the recently happened annual meeting of the Communist Party of China and explain to you the internal politics of China.

The annual meeting of the Communist Party of China held in Beijing, China’s capital. It is considered to be the most important political meeting in China. The Communist Party of China sets the agenda for the year in this meeting. But due to coronavirus, this meeting is being held two months late this time. Earlier this meeting was to be held in March.

After 2 months, China has organized this meeting in a hurry so that it can be told to the world that now everything is normal in China. But the five big things that have come out before this meeting, and there is a lot to conclude from this meeting.

1.The first thing is that China has declared victory over the corona virus.

2. Secondly, China is going to bring a new controversial law to control Hong Kong.

3. Thirdly, China will not set any target for its GDP this year.

4. Fourthly, China has increased its defense budget

5.fifthly, China has decided to spend large amounts of money to save the economy.

The third World War-Has china started it?
The third World War-Has china started it?

All these declarations are meant to convey only the message that the Communist Party is all-powerful in China and that the Coronavirus has not made any difference to its original agenda.

China has declared victory over the coronavirus. China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang has said that China has won a decisive victory over the coronavirus. It is obvious that China is only propaganda about this because new cases of coronavirus are increasing in China. In the last 2 weeks, about 46 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in different cities of China, and in many areas, new clusters of corona virus-infected are now being formed. That is, China is lying about victory over the virus. China’s second big agenda is to advance its expansionary policy. China wants to introduce a new security law for Hong Kong. Once this law is passed, China’s control over Hong Kong will become stronger. And the Chinese government will be able to easily suppress the voice of the protesters.

China Imperialistic economy Policy
China Imperialistic economy Policy forced India to make FDI Policy Changes

There was also a message for Taiwan in this meeting, China also asserts its claim on Taiwan and now the Chinese Prime Minister in his speech has spoken of joining Taiwan in China without mentioning peaceful words. It is clear that China wants to take away the autonomy of Hong Kong and Taiwan and it will not back down from using the army for this.

The third important thing is that for the first time since 1990, China has decided not to set any target for its GPD this year. China says that it is not easy to estimate the GDP growth rate due to the effects of the coronavirus. In the first three months of this year, China’s economy shrank by 6.8 per cent. Chinese GDP was 6.1 per cent last year and this time China’s GDP is estimated to be only 2.6 per cent.

That is, China, which is stopping the wheel of development around the world, is also now facing the punishment of its actions. Unemployment has also reached historic levels in China. But the media in China is not free, and finding the number of unemployed there is even more difficult than finding the number of patients with coronavirus.

The world Wants to teach China a lesson

Last month, a Chinese brokerage firm claimed that the unemployment rate in China had reached 20 per cent, but the report was withdrawn under pressure from the Chinese government. According to China’s official figures, the unemployment rate in China is just 6 per cent, but everyone knows that as the data of coronavirus patients, there is little chance of it being true.

China is now talking about reviving its economy but no one knows when and how China will do it. But the fourth important thing that came out of this meeting is that China has increased its defence budget amidst the sinking economy. China has increased its defence budget by 6.8 per cent. This is equal to 13 lakh 50 thousand crore rupees. India’s defence budget is three times less. China’s military activity even in the era of coronavirus increases rapidly China has increased its activities in the South China Sea. While Taiwan is repeatedly threatening military action, clashes between the forces of China and India have increased on the Indian border as well.

That is, despite the Coronavirus, China has become more aggressive than before, and the increase in the defence budget suggests that China will maintain its aggressive attitude.

The fifth take away from the Communist Party of China meeting is related to China’s economy. But China is not talking openly about its plans regarding the economy. But China has set some goals. These include creating 90 lakh new jobs. Last year, China had set a target of creating 10 million new jobs. This means that China will create 2 million fewer jobs than last year.

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Perhaps this is the first time that China is going to issue trade bonds. That is, the government will raise money from the market by issuing bonds in its name. So, should we assume that the world’s second-largest economy has a shortage of cash? This cannot be said concretely yet.

It is not easy to believe the statistics related to China’s economy because China never tells the whole truth. But they all know that China’s banks are under great pressure and the loan that China has given to other countries of the world is also in danger of drowning. Overall, big slogans were given at the meeting of the Communist Party of China. But there was no strong announcement. China has increased the defence budget but its economy is in crisis. China has not been able to control the virus yet, but it wants to control Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Despite facing domestic and international pressures, Xi Jinping wants to give the message that he is committed to his goals. And they have complete control over all situations. The falling international economy, unemployment, rising poverty and the international pressure on China over the Coronavirus is nothing short of a shock to the image of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The meetings held in 2018, the Communist Party of China had abolished the limit to remain President and the way was cleared for Xi to remain a lifetime president. This was a big step and was also the biggest bet in Xi’s political life. With this, Xi Jinping became a supreme commander in China. He was then compared to Mao Je Dong, the founder of China. But in 2 years a lot has changed.

He is still the most powerful person in China, but the Coronavirus has caused great damage to his image. Because in the whole world they have been considered responsible for this epidemic. Xi has become weak for all these reasons. But still, they are making all the claims in China’s most powerful political meeting to keep their grip. This meeting is called a two-session meeting in China because it consists of two different important meetings.

But the reality is that China is currently facing four big challenges. The first challenge is the falling economy and millions of unemployed people. The second challenge is the loans that China has given to many small countries, but due to the corona virus, these countries are not in a position to repay the debt. It is possible that many of these countries cannot repay the debt, that is, they go bankrupt. These include most of the countries which are part of China’s ambitious Belt And Road scheme and now due to Covid-19, this plan is hanging in the balance.

The third challenge is that there is tremendous international pressure on China at this time and international investigation can also begin against China to spread the infection of coronavirus to the whole world.

The fourth challenge for Xi Jinping is China’s diplomatic failure. Especially his relationship with America has deteriorated to a great extent. China’s diplomatic relations with Australia have also been breached.

Had everything been normal, the event would have celebrated the success of Xi Jinping’s second term, and Xi would have been established as a more powerful leader than before, but China’s role in the Corona virus also overshadowed Xi Jinping’s political career Has put a question mark.

The Coronavirus has not only changed the image of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Rather, it has also changed the complexion of this most important meeting of the Communist Party of China.

Generally, there is an atmosphere of trust about the Supreme Leader of China. But this time all these Chinese leaders are immersed in concerns. Countries around the world are angry with China and in the midst of this crisis, China’s Parliament is holding this important meeting. Everyone expected that the Chinese leaders would answer the questions raised on China, but instead, China has brought a proposal on the new security law for Hong Kong in the meeting and now besides the citizens of Hong Kong, the US and the United Nations also opposed it. is. Under the guise of this law, China wants to take away the independence and autonomy of Hong Kong.

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At the time when China should respond to the Corona virus and its oppressive policies, at that time China is doing politics only to show. But this virus has also changed the traditions of this meeting.

Representatives were examined before the meeting, even for journalists, the corona virus test has been made mandatory. Thermal scanners have been installed at the gate, and foreign media reporters have been told to stay away from this meeting under the guise of these arrangements. The reason for the corona virus is being told, but experts say that China is doing this to avoid criticism.

Apart from this, this meeting is different from before for many reasons. The delegates are wearing masks and attending the meeting. Dining tables are divided with glass walls, so that the rule of social distancing is not broken. Sanitizers have been placed everywhere and food is not prohibited by sharing food. Even separate hooks have been attached to hang the mask.

In this meeting, Chinese leaders set a year-long agenda. Through this meeting held two months late, China is showing the world that all is well with it. But many people still do not believe this story of China.

Overall, it seems that the Emperor of China is losing his own credentials in China. The way China is being blamed by other countries and the Chinese government is not able to give any satisfactory answer to it, it seems that the future of both China and the government of China is dark.

source-DNA news


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