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India must reduce its dependence on China

India must reduce its dependency on China

China is in possession of the international market, so India must reduce its dependence on China by making itself self-sufficient. You might not know but it’s true that 90 per cent of India’s lifesaving medicines come from China. 75 per cent of the material used to make medicines comes from China.

Identify China product with Barcode
Identify China product with Bar code

In order to fulfil the dream of self-reliant India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the slogan of vocal on local. And the emphasis is on the use of locally manufactured products. In such a situation, it is also important to know how much India is dependent on other countries. Understand this especially from the example of China, from which India imports 16 per cent of the things it needs.

90 percent of India’s lifesaving medicines come from China. 75 percent of the material used to make medicines comes from China. China supplies 80 percent of medical equipment.

Boycott trade with China
Boycott trade with China-Use Indian Products

Thirty per cent of automobile components, ie vehicle components, are met by China. 60 per cent of the requirements of the electric good are imported from China. About 90 per cent of the country’s toy market is occupied by Chinese products. 50 per cent of the demand in the country’s bicycle market is met by imports, in which China has a large share.

Boycott China product-India must reduce its dependency on China
Boycott China product-Indian must reduce its dependency on China

Obviously, if we have to be vocal on local, then we have to minimize our dependence on China first. Therefore, we believe that to fulfil the dream of a self-reliant India, we still have to prepare a lot.
First of all, we have to change ourselves, remove the foreign brand from the luxury demand of Lifestyle. As far as possible we will have to stick with only and only indigenous products.

Be Indian Buy Indian
Be Indian Buy Indian-A campaign run by Fotocons and Fotokart

At least on those sectors where our country company is providing better goods in the market, we can buy indigenous so some companies like Fotokart have already come to the market with their unique product after understanding the seriousness of this message. Fotocons company which already provides a Marketplace for Indian paintings Handicrafts which are produced by the artists of the country in the country market. Taking this link further, Fotokart has now launched its subsidiary Fotokart , where every small and big city in the country will be connected. local vendors and manufacturers will be added. And the online marketplace will be available for products manufactured locally in the country.

PM Modi’s speech-India needs to be self-reliant


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