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Join Social Campaign-“Ghanti Bajao,sabko jagaao,Desh bachaao “

Join social campaign-fight against Corona

Fotocons (India’s biggest online marketplace for selling and buying Indian art and handicrafts) always ahead for any social cause.

As we all know that the covid-19 outbreak causing a great impact on India. Government has already taken strict measure to contain this pandemic . nation wide lock down which was announced on 25th March ,will sure halt the speed of spread of this disease. What we need is to ensure the strict following of this lock down. As we know so far no cure of this threatening virus disease has been invented. By only preventing the community spread of this disease we can curtail it. India is densely populated country and social gathering celebration is part od our culture

In this case every citizen should be responsible to follow this guideline of staying inside home. Every citizen should at least motivate 10 of his friends or relatives to follow the same.Though there are thousand of Whatsapp posts and TV media messaging and requesting people to stay inside home. But making a personal call and convincing a person about the threat this virus may cause is more fruitful.

Fotocons started a campaign “ghanti bjaao,sabko jagaao,desh bachhao” for spreading message of how important this lock down and staying inside home is . In this campaign we are requesting all friends and relative to make call for at least 10 people in their contact list to support lock down,stay inside home,stay safe.

And at the same time ask them to call 10 other people for the same.

Fotocons request all viewers to join this social campaign and make a difference in people’s life

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