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Light Diya with mantra recitation-Fight Corona

Light Diya candle with mantra recitation

As we know our prime minister through a video message asked all Indian citizens to put off the home lights and light Diya,candles or flash torch light of mobile to show a solidarity for fighting against Corona .

This message has deep meaning of creating a positive web in all Indian citizens.

I am quoting here the Mantra that will show how effective lighting a diya will be.

Deep prajwaln mantrah

” deepjyotih parbrimha deepjyoti janrdanh |Deepoharitime papam sandhyadeepam namostute| shubham karotu kalyanmarogyam sukham sampada| shatruvraddhi vinasham ch deepjyotih namostute||”

दीप प्रज्वलन मंत्र

 दीपज्योति: परब्रह्म: दीपज्योति: जनार्दन:।दीपोहरतिमे पापं संध्यादीपं नामोस्तुते।।शुभं करोतु कल्याणमारोग्यं सुखं सम्पदां।शत्रुवृद्धि विनाशं च दीपज्योति: नमोस्तुति।।

Meaning of Mantra

Light ray of a diya is supreme eternal power and Bramha. I bow my head to the light that destroys all enemies. I salute to the light that is for our welfare,making us fearless of our enemies, and bring prosperity and happiness at our home.

Here,what I want to say that when we are prepared to follow the nationwide call for Candle or diya light on 5th April at 9 PM,if we do that with this mantra recitation ,the impact will be thousand fold.

There will be sure benefit of lighting Diya with mantra recitation

1.There will be a flow of positive energy in home and the environment around it.As this pandemic threat has created a gloomy and depressed environment ,this task will sure give a great positive impact.

2. Lighting a diya will vanish the darkness in our home and in our heart, and a light ray of hope will flow.

3 Every household mind will get positive thought that will be useful to enhance the creativity and it will remove negative destructive thought

4.Definitely brings prosperity and happiness.

I am sure this task will mitigate the negativity collected inside our mind due to this long period of lockdown. And this is the time to move from darkness towards the light. We are also to follow the social distancing while lighting Diyas,don’t forget it.

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