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Some myths are broken, some new facts emerged.

Myths are broken New facts Emerged

While COVID-19 outbreak lockdown has restricted our movement and allowed us more time to think and ponder about something. We think there are many myths we have been carrying along with us for a long time, have now been broken and at the same time, many new facts have emerged which are going to change the overall mindset of the world.

  1. Is the USA still a superpower of world…I think not so, seeing the desperate condition USA is facing in this COVID-19 outbreak these days gives a doubt. It is certain that the throne of superpower from America will be shifted
    2. China can never thing of world welfare. China mindset is always self-centred.
    3. Europeans are not so educated as the whole world has been thinking. The way they show careless and not following the advisory give a doubt about the vision and education these people used to possess.
    4 We Indian enjoying the homestay far better and now we have understood that we don’t need a holiday trip to any European or American city.
  2. Indian people have stronger immunity than any other people
    6. Not a single priest, Moulana, Granthi, Astrologers can save any life from Corona.
  3. Health care workers, administrative workers, Police workers are actual heroes rather than these Cricketers, film stars or football players.
    8. These gold, Cash, Oil have no value if we don’t use them.
    9. For the first time, animals and birds are happy and thinking that this world belongs to them also.
  4. For the first time, those kids living in metro cities can clearly see the twinkling little stars in the sky. previously this was a myth to them in poems and books only.
  5. Most of the people can do their office work from home also.
  6. It is not hard to live a clean healthy lifestyle every day.
  7. We and our kids can live without eating junk foods.
  8. cooking is not exclusively a woman’s work.
  9. media is only a source of bull s**t
  10. actors and actress are only entertainers, they are not real heroes.
  11. Indian woman plays an important role in converting a home in to temple.
    18 Money has no value at all, for sustaining life you need only daal and chapati.
  12. Indian rich has liberal and sensitized heart and are not behind when it comes to helping poor people.
  13. An Indian can only know how to tackle the adverse period of life
  14. joint family is far better than single-family.
    so these are some points I could manage to collect. In this COVID-19 outbreak, There are many other broken myths or new facts emerged which are needed to be updated here. If you are thinking of some points, please write them in the comment box below, I will certainly include them too.

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