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Loneliness v/s Solitude

solitude v/s loneliness

Today when the whole world is forced to stay at home because of this COVID-19 outbreak. There are two different points of view to see this homestay. Some are taking it as a punishment of confinement and loneliness. But there are the people who understand the meaning of solitude. And for them, this is the time to bless with solitude and take it as an opportunity to know thyself. 

If we read our Hindu scripture Geeta carefully,these two words are explained well. 

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Loneliness v/s Solitude

Loneliness is the biggest punishment in this world!
And Solitude is the biggest blessing bestowed upon us. 

These two words though appear so similar,  but they are as different as heaven and hell!

While Loneliness is suffering and painful ,the Solitude is relaxing and soothing!

While Loneliness is fear and squirmy the solitude is  peace and calmness 

Till we look  outside in the outer world we will experience Loneliness!

But when you look for it within you, you start experiencing solitude!

This life is nothing but a journey from loneliness to solitude!

a journey from world outside to home within. 

A journey, in which the path is us, the traveler is also us and so is the destination!!

And no one else but we ourselves can experience the blessing and infinite gifts of life this solitude brings us 

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