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Self-Education – Importance and How to Enhance it

Self-Education – Importance and How to Enhance it

Which is the one thing that stays with us till the end when everyone else has left us whether it’s family, friends, business, job or wealth?

In a person’s life, everything remains as a possession till a certain point only. But one thing that never leaves a person is his skill, learning or self-education. According to Chanakya, an ancient Indian philosopher – “Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and youth”.

Importance of Self-education

Formal education will make you a living; Self-education will make you a fortune” – Jim Rohn

A person who aims to live an average life always opts for formal education. He remains restricted to the knowledge earned through degrees. That on the other hand restricts his growth. A person can’t live a successful life without self-learning.

While a person who opts for self-education grows and succeeds in all the potential zones. He keeps himself open for knowledge, new skills and believes in enhancing his learning. Self-education helps in living a remarkably successful life.

People who choose Self-education in life are:

  1. More confident.
  2. Problem solver.
  3. Effective communicators.
  4. Positive and enthusiastic.
  5. Think beyond limitations.

  “When we think we know we cease to learn” – Dr SarvepalliRadhakrishnan

Steps for Effective Self-education:  

  1. Prepare a room

A separate room or corner, free from disturbances is the first requisite for self-education. This place should have the required study material and the essential devices for self-learning. Distractions like social media, phone calls, unwanted noises or people should be avoided. Make it a Trouble Free Zone for effective self-education.

  • Set goals

Self-education without a goal will lead you nowhere. Moreover, setting steps of learning with realistic targets for each step makes it more achievable. Make sure to take small-small steps instead of leaping big ones. It often points to failure. Whereas, success achieved at each small step taken, boosts the morale and gears us up for the next one.

For example – If you are learning music set targets like understanding the concept of notes, chords and scales on an instrument, then producing sounds of these on the instrument in the same sequence. Practising them perfectly will take you to the next step of practising a song on an instrument.

  • Teach others

One simplest way of self-education is to start teaching or sharing the skills you have mastered. It not only helps in revising the knowledge but also makes you more confident about the skills you have learnt.

  • Use different mediums

Nowadays, knowledge about anything is readily available on different mediums. One can choose the best convenient and comfortable way to self-educate. These available mediums are visual, social, logical, physical, verbal or aural. Even one can gain knowledge by using all the mediums to grasp maximum understanding about the desired topic.

  • Talk to the expert

Who can better tell us about skill than the person himself who has expertise in it? Talk to the experts who have mastered the zone we desire to learn. It not only enhances our knowledge but we learn many new things from their experiences as well.

  • Make learning your lifestyle

Learning new things keep us young by heart. One feels more confident and become smarter. Then why not make learning your lifestyle? Reading quality books, watching educative programs, learning new skills, listening to experts on podcast should be a part of our routine. These are few ways and many more can be explored. Learning new things give us immense pleasure and keep us motivated for growth in life.

  • Follow up on the references

Check on the references about the skills you are learning or self-educating. Talk with the experts about these references to enhance the knowledge.

  • Digital platform – the ultimate tool for self-educating

One of the best platforms of learning is the digital platform. It is one place destination for all the information available in the world. We can read e-books, explore through Google, listen to podcasts, take online education, and watch YouTube videos to learn anything, read blogs and articles, talk to or chat with the experts, even listen to their speeches and many more. Everything is available online and we have easy and quick access to it. But the same platform if not used wisely plays the role of the biggest distraction and hinders the growth.

  • Apply your learning

The skills you have learned and the knowledge you have gained is worthless if you are not applying them anywhere. It is a wastage of the precious knowledge gained. All the hard work done has no meaning if we haven’t practised it. We can get the benefits of self-education and can master the skill by applying it practically. It makes us more confident and makes us clear about the level of our self-education gained.

  1. Join community

There are various online learning groups where people with the same interests and skills make their groups or communities. They discuss their knowledge, new experiences, learning and facts with each other. Problems and queries related to the topic are reviewed which enhances knowledge.

These groups are available everywhere like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram&Quora. We can choose one or all the channels to join the community of our interest.

  1. Stick to the schedule

Without following a schedule learning is almost impossible. Make a schedule for the self-learning process, stick to it and follow it religiously to succeed.


Self-education was never as easy as it is now. So don’t limit yourself to formal education. Gear up and use all the possible ways to educate yourself with new things. Learn whatever you want, from anywhere, anytime and establish yourself as a self-educated person. There is no limitation for learning so learn till you are alive and lead a successful life.

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