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Stay safe-Get home delivery for the essential services

stay safe inside home

At present, the coronavirus has become a major crisis for the whole world.
To avoid this, many countries of the world have declared lockdown and asked their citizen to stay safe inside their home.
In India too, a lockdown of 21 days has been announced till 14 April. And it is expected to extend this further. The whole country is waiting for PM of India to announce the next course of action.
People across the country are enthusiastically following this lockdown, and all prefer to stay safe inside the home rather than going out and succumbed to this highly contaminating Coronavirus which is the only way to prevent the spread of the virus.
Although following a lockdown seems very easy in the first few days and provides a different type of experience, but as days pass, it will also create some major problem if we do not get the supply of some essential services and articles

Stay safe inside home and get home delivery Ration food material
Stay safe inside home and get home delivery of essential services (Source image-Pexels)

The mere imagining of not having the essential things like milk, home ration, medicines, internet, cleaning things etc. starts to bother us. Although the government is supplying all the essential commodities under the Essential Commodities Act 1955, there are many things which are necessary at the present time but do not come under the Essential Commodities Act,
such as the Internet
It would not be an exaggeration to call the Internet a basic necessity of the present time.
The internet has made lockdown times much easier. Where you can not only fulfil all your needs through the Internet, you can also get help from home at the time of this problem.
So let us tell you how you can get these services at your doorstep

Medicine and medical facility
Medicine and medical facility Is first essential services that needs special attention (source image-Pexels)

Medicines and medical facilities
Medical facilities have been substantially strengthened to prevent coronavirus infection. The lockdown provides for the supply of essential medicines at home, but some medicines may not be available at local stores for which there are platforms like MedLife and FarmEasy,
which are ready to assist you in this difficult situation
You can also get medical help by calling the Corona Helpline 011-23978046.
Also, there are helpline numbers for the supply of medical emergencies and essential items in every district, with the help of which you can fulfil all your needs without leaving home. Remember Coronavirus can be defeated only if you stay safe inside your home

Things of daily uses
Things of daily uses can be ordered online from some trusted e-Commerce shop (source image-Pexels)

Things of daily use
There are some things in our daily use that can be kept safe for a long time, but there are some things that cannot be kept for a long time like milk, fruits, vegetables etc. We need these items every day

In the lockdown period, when you cannot get out of the house, the supply of these items becomes a big challenge, although doorstep delivery facility is easily available in big cities like Delhi Mumbai, then in small cities,
the government reaches every home. It is doing well to supply everything
Apart from this, there are many platforms from where you can order everything you need online such as Fotocons, growers, milk baskets, big baskets etc.

Internet DTH services-a must for connectivity to the outer world
Internet DTH services-a must for connectivity to the outer world (source image-Pexels)

Mobile and DTH Recharge
Internet consumption has increased rapidly in the country since the lockdown. Internet has become a basic necessity in present times. Netflix in free time or social media, a video call from family or friends or your favourite series,
all require internet
In such a situation, going out for mobile recharge and DTH recharge has become a big problem.
Under the Essential Commodities Act 1955, Internet and DTH do not fall in the category of essential commodities, due to which mobile recharge shops are also closed.
All network provider companies and DTH service provider companies have come up with an easy online recharge app, that can be helpful for easy online recharge from your mobile. So that you can get a hassle-free network services

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