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The journey to self-sufficient India

Journey to self reliant India

The Journey to self sufficient India though seems difficult path,but it is not impossible if every citizen of India takes a firm stand and patience .

A lot of discussion and debate on the impact of the Made in India campaign. It is obviously seen that people have now become aware of the indigenous product in the markets. In the market of power tools and toys, people are now asking shopkeepers for Made in India products. But there is a big challenge before us.

If we look deeply at India’s mobile phone market, which shows that we still have a long way to go to become self-sufficient in this matter. Because 70 percent of India’s mobile phone market is from Chinese companies. Whatever mobile phone you all have, some equipment belongs to China.

support make In India
support make In India

However, according to experts, there have been some positive changes in the last four-five years. Many mobile phone companies have set up their factories in India. Due to which the local manufacturing of mobile phones has increased in India and at this time India is the second country in the world to make mobile phones.

Till 2014, there were 2 factories for making mobile phones in India, but by 2019 there have been 200 factories of mobile phones. In the year 2014, 60 million mobile phones were made in the country, but by 2019 33 crore mobile phones started being manufactured in India. Mobile phone imports from other countries have also come down from 80 per cent to 30 per cent.

After America, most mobile phones are sold in India and only Chinese companies dominate in such a big market of India. Not just mobile phones, sports goods or footwear market, India’s market, still very much dependent on China.

Now there is a need to shift the manufacturing hub to India. Competitive electronic goods should be manufactured in India only, so that according to the needs of the people, Indian goods can gradually increase and supply can be ensured. That will really help us moving toward self reliant India.

Buy Indian Handicraft Support Local artisans
Buy Indian Handicraft Support Local artisans

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