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Corona Crisis-How to avoid stress

Corona crisis-How to avoid tension

The way news related to Corona is getting headlines daily, it is natural for people to have more tension, Right now the whole world is under anxiety and stress of Coronavirus But like any disease, keeping away from stress is also necessary for good health. With some measures, you can stay away from the stress of corona Due to this, depression in people is increasing. Long-term stress also reduces the Immune resistance power of the body.
Actually, tension is no internal disease, it is your internal reaction towards external news or situation, which you can control if you want

We stay indoors and take care of our health. We are doing what we can do, That’s it, we can stop thinking about what will happen next
First and foremost it is necessary to keep your mind engaged in some creative task.
How will you know you have tension or not? for Feeling good, don’t be angry because of being locked in the house.

Do something so that mind get lost
There are some little suggestion which will not only keep engaging your mind but will also help in keeping it fit and fast
Write three to four sentences daily with the hand that is opposite hand to you I mean if you are right handy, then write it with the left hand and vice versa
walk few steps backwards. Be careful while doing this.
write yourself a letter, it may have dreams, memories or experiences
Make different type of hairstyle, since stayed at home, so this can be a good experiment
Try to stand on one of your feet, extend it from a few seconds to a few minutes. See it will be really great

Corona crisis-Keep Mindy Engaged to avoid stress
Corona crisis-Keep Mindy Engaged to avoid stress (Image source-Unsplash)

Stress levels keep changing, if you are afraid of infection or current situation and worrying about the same all the time, you can be kept in the red zone.

In this situation, negative thinking increases, which increases the tension further.
before your stress comes into the red zone, you can identify them with the following symptoms.
Sudden head pain, sudden gnashing of teeth,
Swinging feet while sitting
symptoms of high-level stress

Corona crisis-How to avoid tension
Corona crisis-Fear and negative though causing tension and stress (source Image-Unsplash)

Apart from this, feeling compelled, being unhappy, more angry, irritability, quick getting angry and sitting in the corner, these can also be symptoms of stress.
pay no attention to possibilities. Corona’s suspected case, positive cases and the statistics of death are only for informing you.
If you are following the advisory and rules of the government, you are safe, you are at negligible risk of infection. It is normal to feel like We cannot do anything, we are tied up inside the house, but you can get rid of this feeling too. You can make your role special by helping some helpless people. If you have seen any food distribution agency or any organization which is helping the deprived with good intention then you can also join it. It can be helped by keeping yourself safe and from safe distances

Unfollow the negativity

how much we try, but we find ourselves engaged with our mobile all the time.
we could not resist ourselves reading the new post But there can be no alternate option for your mental health, in such a situation, unfollow all those people who send only negative videos or posts.
There is a facility to delete those messages which give you a negative feeling,
at this time many rumours are being spread on social media, there is a need to stay away from them. You have to accept important information from social media, stay away from unnatural posts and messages Dont get emotional, be some logical

If there is a shortage of goods, if grocery will not be available, the vegetable will not be found. Ignore the baseless information, use logic. The government has said that there will be no shortage of life-sustaining things and if it is not happening then why should we get emotional.

Corona crisis-Avoid negative social messages
Corona crisis-Avoid negative social messages (source Image-Unsplash)

What if this happens … stay away from it

What will happen to us at this time there is no shortage of ideas like this which are filled in our mind What happened if the lockdown increased then what happened if we had to go out, what would happen to the work?

It is difficult to do any kind of activity at this time, so it is difficult to find an answer to what will happen to you, then why in vain do you think about this, instead think positive that we will go to the office and do something new this time. Think about it all

Time is difficult, the whole world is surrounded by misfortune, but the Sun Moon star, clouds, birds, flowers with their presence remind us that time will change and there will be ups and downs in life, this time too will pass


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