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Eid Mubarak Bhaijaan-ईद मुबारक भाई जान

Eid Mubarak Bhaaijaan

Eid al-Fitr, also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”, is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan

Eid al Fitr
Eid al Fitr-a celebration of Chand ka deedar

On Sunday, the 30th Rosa of Ramadan ul Mubarak was completed by Rojedars. With this, Eid’s moon has become visible. The zeal to see the moon throughout India was at the peak of excitement. Eid-ul-Fitr is now being celebrated in the entire country on Monday along with Chand Ki Didar. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated with joy, religious fervour and devotion throughout the country. Eid prayers are offered in mosques, Idgahs and open grounds across the country. But due to the Coronavirus, Eid prayers will not be performed in Idgahs and mosques this year. The situation is so patient that everyone’s eyes are moist. Perhaps this is allowed by Allah. We are all satisfied with this decision of Allah. Taking steps as a precaution to prevent disease, let us all offer Eid prayers in our homes. Celebrate Eid with simplicity. Try to stay with the people of the house after performing Eid ul Fitr prayers. Not mixed with others. Also, pray to Allah for the coronavirus.

ईद मुबारक भाई जान ईद उल फ़ित्र २०२०
ईद मुबारक भाई जान ईद उल फ़ित्र २०२०

Women also play an important role in the preparation for Eid. After Iftar on Sunday evening, the women started preparing the dish according to the prescribed recipe. Till late at night, the women stayed in the kitchen. In this, the men of the house also supported him. Here, due to the lockdown, even though no one will come and go in the houses. Despite this, people kept busy until late at night in decorating its houses. From the men of the house to the women, they cleaned the houses. Bedsheets and curtains have also been installed neatly.

Stay safe stay Health -May Allah bless you with all happiness and prosperity
Stay safe stay Health -May Allah bless you with all happiness and prosperity

Gusl on Eid day, dress well, apply fragrance and Surma and definitely eat dates. This is Sunnah. Please take this. Before offering Namaz, give the Sadka to the poor. The amount of Sadka-e-Fitr is Rs 66 per person.
Stay in your own home. Do not go to meet anyone.
On the day of Eid, do not shake hands or hug anyone.
Give Eid Mubarak to your relatives and friends through mobile phones and social media.
Eid is the name of love and love. We all have two responsibilities in this lockdown. One is to follow the lockdown and follow the laws of the rule and perform your prayers in your home. This gives two messages that Islam promises to carry both the oppressed and the world together. Eid is the name of the reward when someone gets the reward, there is one who gets the reward, but the whole society celebrates happiness. The unique Eid of India is that in this Eid, people of every community will not get a hug but will give heart. And erase hatred. Today we have to drive Corona out of the country and celebrate Eid with joy in the country.

बुझोबल पहेली संग्रह को समर्पित रचना मनीष “माना” द्वारा

Offer Eid prayers in homes. Eid prayers can be offered in a house where there are at least four men. A person with knowledge of the Quran can perform Imamat and offer Eid prayers. Give Eid Mubarakabadi by phone also. Congratulations to the distant people through video conferencing. Help the neighbour Before reciting Eid prayers, every person should pay the amount of Fitra. Get that amount to the needy. So that neighbours and poor can also join in the joy of Eid. There should also be a feeling inside them and understanders who see me exist. Prayers came from his heart. Everyone should take care that no other problems have been reached because of us. Please pray for the country to be corona free.


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