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Everything is not locked down – COVID-19

silver lining in cloud

Every cloud has a silver lining
In this Coronavirus pandemic era when half of the world is locked down, there seems like everything stopped. Like the world comes to a standstill. But as we have heard, there is always a silver lining in the cloud. There is always a ray of hope in the dark tunnel.
so be positive and pay attention to something which you will see really not locked down but they are always there as before, only thing is that we have been ignorant to them for time immemorial.
hey guys…really everything not locked down !!
look here
1 The Sun still rises on every morning and its’ rays knock my door as usual
2..Sun still shining and pouring on us the rays of hope as usual.
3. The golden time we spend with our family is not locked down…yea..!!
4. A sincere and heartfelt prayer to the supreme power is not locked down.
5.spiritual, educational, life teaching books which were kept in shelf for a long time and got a bit of dust layer on the, reading those books is not locked down.
6 As we know solace is the mother of creativity so going a little bit creative these days has not been locked down at all.
7.Asana, Pranayama, yoga, meditation all these activities which keep oneself stay healthy and fit mentally physically and spiritually not locked down
8. When outdoor games got a bit halt, but no stop on Indoor games.

  1. Listening to music or singing and making tik to video, or playing your favourite musical instrument-yes you can do it
    10. Work from Home-yes a culture which was not so popular before this corona era, but now it is a necessity of time. This will not only keep you engaged but also help to sustain your income.
  2. it is the best time to know yourself. I mean there is no harm for spending some time on deep meditation and seeking some new dimension of this life
    12. Oh, you are missing your friends and relative hangout.Don’t worry smart IT technology has already managed to bring the world closure in your mobile and laptop. Start video chat or video call to your friends and relative. I can bet you will enjoy it.
    13. Do some crazy things just to cheer up yourself and your family. to laugh and making someone laugh has never been a gone by trend.
    14. Do some house chores like cleaning the floor, washing utensil, laundry etc. Of course a good cheer up for your soul.
  3. share everything good and positive coming up in your mind with your friends and family.
    So as it is said, when there is one reason to be sad and disappointed, we have to think 15 other reasons for why we should be happy.
    so stay safe. stay healthy stay home


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