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Aacharya Chanakya selected Neeti Vakya-useful in today’s context

Aacharya Chanakya Neeti vakya

For the past few days, I have been watching Chanakya serial on YouTube, though every day Chanakya serial is airing on National TV, but its time does not suit me, so I am watching this wise person seriously on youtube whenever I get time. Watching the serial excites me to know more about Aacharya Chanakya neeti vakya and how they can be useful in today’s context.

Today, in the era of this Corona Crisis, where the whole world is in the position of Lockdown, the way people with some distorted mentality are causing non-cooperation and hindrance to the Cotrona Warriors, it seems as if they had nothing to do with the nation, and they don’t think that they have some responsibility at all. How meaningful Aacharya Chanakya Words and Neeti Vakya seem today’s context.Though written thousands of years ago but even today the relevance of each one neeti vakya is not over

As you all know, Aacharya Chanakya helped in making Maharaja Chandragupta the emperor of the whole Aryabrat kingdom of India and gave a precious gift of ethics to the entire subjects to guide the people and pave the way for the right policy

Let us consider some policies of Chanakya that help us to fight this trouble of corona crisis firmly

Acharya Chanakya’s thoughts about achieving and accomplishing goals

If we work hard, we can achieve success even it seems impossible from a distance. Lazy individuals, who walk with luck, are quickly ruined. This hard work is being done by our administration, Corona warriors like doctors, nurses, police staff, cleaners and suppliers of essential services.

The person who does not shy away from eating, job, work, financial conduct, that person always succeeds. We have to keep the thought of goal in our mind till the goal is reached

If you do not do your work in a systematic and disciplined way, then you will fail. This is for all government officials and policymakers to take the right disciplined and planned decision to execute in the proper way to achieve the goal of ending this corona epidemic.

The man who is ready for the future is ready to deal with any situation. Here we have to understand that the epidemic here is not leaving us for many years, so after the end of lockdown, we have to plan a strategy that we can deal with this epidemic in the future We need to be vigilant and alert only then we can fulfil our aim just like we have to win from the demon of Corona.

Worldliness and conduct
For future trouble and crisis, such as this corona crisis time, it is very important to accumulate a little money advance to be used in trouble. Today, when all the work and job stopped, the accumulated wealth is coming in a big way

help needy and poor people
Help needy and poor people-It is time to return the service

Too much of everything is bad like if we see today the crisis of this corona period is only because we have maltreated our nature too much and perhaps nature is taking revenge for that extreme

If trouble has not touched to you, yet be careful and if trouble does come, then somehow get rid of it.

The person should be satisfied with these three things, his own spouse, food which we are getting and the money we have earnestly earned .. Now when we are imprisoned in the house, it may be our compulsion that we have to be satisfied with these but if we adopt it in his lifestyle, then life will be so happy
Along with this, Chanakya also told these three things, which one should never be satisfied, the practice of your knowledge and work, helping others and spiritual knowledge.

The help we have received from others, help them in times of trouble, like you had employees working for you who earned money for you lifetime, now they are in trouble, then you should help them.

Conduct and behaviors -aacharya Chanakya neeti
Conduct and behaviors -Aacharya Chanakya neeti vakya

Conduct and behavior considerations

Good conduct eradicates sorrow, conscience destroys ignorance, information also destroys fear. It is important to keep the right information and do prudent work at this time only then you can overcome this period of disaster
Knowledge is said to be a secret wealth, earning knowledge can liberate you from every stage. Just like those who have experience in this crisis, they will find some way of earning for themselves. A person who is without knowledge depends on others for their livelihood.

There is no tenacity like a restrained mind, no happiness like satisfaction, no grief like greed, no virtue like mercy. In this crisis time, we are satisfied as we have enough saved in our bank and wallet to pass this dark period easily. Wait, think about those poor people who have not even food to survive, abandon the greedy nature and avoid black marketing in this crisis.
It is very important to be generous to your relatives, to be gentle with unknown men, to be polite with your elders. This crisis is a test of your values and virtues.

In this COVID crisis period Keep positive thoughts, meditate regularly, eat good satvic food so that your defence system is strong and you can fight diseases. In our previous blog, you will know, there are many ways that will strengthen your body immune resistance.

Friends, I am sure you will find these ideas of Aacharya Chanakya policy-relevant and perceptive in today’s context. Please write your comment in the comment box.

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