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International Labour day-without labour nothing prospers

International labour day

Most people all over the world consider labour as a matter of misfortune and inferior task. People have started stealing their eyes from labour and it was accepted as part of the destiny of the workers and poor only. Most of those who are financially capable do not want to work. Such people only want to achieve success by selling the hard work of others. Labour is not just about building roads and buildings. Labor also means the creation of life. Why not pause a bit and understand the importance of labour on the occasion of International Labor Day,
We always look at Labor Day from the point of view of trade unions, seminars, seminars and rallies of leftist parties. But you should understand the spiritual and social importance of labour.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism once reached a village while wandering. A banquet was organized by a rich person of the village to welcome him there. During this time a poor farmer reached there who had some dry bread of Bajra. He placed these loaves in front of Guru Nanak. Guru Nanak started eating these rotis with great fervour. The rich man asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji, why did you leave the delicious dish and started eating these dry rotis
Then Guru Nanak squeezed the rich man’s bread by hand and started bleeding from it … and when squeezing the poor’s loaves, the milk started dripping from it. Then Guru Nanak explained to the villagers that these dry rotis were prepared by the labor of this farmer, while the poor blood was found in these dishes.

Labour is force the indicator of progress
Labour force is the indicator of progress

Our society is divided into two such classes even today … one class does labor while the other class sucks the blood of those who do labor. In terms of the number of workers, India is second only to China. There are 52 crore workers in India, while their number in China is more than 80 crores. But today, crores of workers of India are not able to work even after wishing, because all the labour-related activities are closed due to Lockdown. Workers trapped in different places either want to return to their homes or they want to return to their work.
Most of the labourers in our country are those who would hardly be discharged from their work on any day other than Labor Day, but now these people are not able to work for the last 40 days even if they do not want to. But in our society, the respect of labor is decreasing. Doing labor is becoming a matter of shame. In place of labor, people have started respecting money. But we forget that the wealth and money you have are also the result of the hard work of such workers.
The most honest person is. But the trend of paying respect to honesty is gradually ending. Now food comes home at the click of a mobile phone. By pressing a button, you call a private taxi. On a phone call, your home plumber, carpenter and mistry reach for your help. We find this very convenient. But the people who deliver these facilities to us are the real workers

Reminder of power of labour
Reminder of power of labour

In the year 1889, The Second International, an organization working for the interests of workers, announced to celebrate International Workers’ Day on 1 May. Since then every year on 1 May, the hard work of workers and labourers is saluted. However, in India, Labor Day was first observed in 1923. You and people like us also join the workers. According to the laws of India, people who are professionals … also fall under the category of workers. That is, the work that you do in your offices also comes under the purview of physical and mental labour.
Workers in India are also divided into several classes. Some people spend their lives by selling the hard work of others, while some people have to work hard by breaking 12 to 12 hours of brick stone in hard sunlight after which they get dry dry bread.

This difference of labour determines whether your bread will give you the fragrance of hard work or you will make your world a world of amenities… breaking the back of others on the strength of hard work. You must have noticed that those who have a lot of money, they also buy the market and ask for a discount. But these same people sell their goods with a fixed price tag as a shopkeeper
On the contrary, when a poor goes to sell his goods, people with money also negotiate with him and say that apply the right price or else they will take it from someone else. Even taking free coriander and green chillies from a poor vegetable, people consider their pride and tell with great pleasure how much money they saved by buying vegetables today

According to Zen philosophy, following the religion is not just renouncing the world and going to high mountains and getting absorbed in meditation. You can walk the path of religion even while living a household life, doing farming, doing business, and treating patients. That is, whatever work you do. If you do not steal from hard work, then you are a true believer. That is why those who do not turn away from karma in Hinduism are called karma yogis.
But the question is, are you also really a karma yogi? Or are you just someone who consumes the labor of others? True physical or mental labor is the same after which you feel sleepy at night. But you will be surprised to know that the very large population of India is not fit to work hard with full devotion. For this we want to give you some examples
According to the Aspiring Mind Employability Report, 80 percent of the engineers in India do not have the qualifications associated with the technology of the new age. According to this report, only 3.4 per cent of engineers in India are those who have the ability to work in software-related start-ups. This is when India wants to make itself the start-up hub of the world. Only 3 per cent of engineers are those who have the ability to work in the emerging fields of the world of technology. These areas are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Mobile Development.

World Earth Day -let’s repay the debt of the Earth

Of India’s 52 crore workers, 12 crores are those who are connected with agriculture and who work on the fields of others. There are 5 crore workers who set up fruit vegetables, small shops for food and drink. While 16 crore is daily labourers. These are workers who get money only when they work hard all day.
It is written in Islam that any worker must get his wages before his sweat dries up. But does this really happen around us?… The answer is no. Because most of the workers continue to suffer exploitation without getting wages. This is not happening today but for years. In our films too, such stories of exploitation have been shown many times.
Unorganized sector workers account for around 50 percent of India’s GDP. Still, workers in India do not have much value. But you cannot exploit workers abroad in this way. Even in a country like America, even the smallest workers do not work more than the fixed hours. In countries like Germany and Japan, it is necessary to provide facilities like bonus, vacation and accommodation to the employees who help in the housework.

You should not take the power of labour lightly. The same exploited labourers who have given birth to many revolutions and movements in the world. According to communism, in any society, there are mainly two classes. One is the bourgeoisie who are called the bourgeoisie. In simple language, these are people who come from upper-middle-class or upper class

While the second class is the proletariat, that is, workers. In the Latin language, they are called proli tariat. Most of the conflicts in modern history have taken place between these two classes. In India too, many political parties have made this confrontation a weapon of politics. But despite this politics of the Left parties and the Congress, the condition of the workers in India has not improved.

In the end, we should all understand the importance of labour on this international labour day.. Do not shy away from labour in any way. Labour is the foundation of the progress of any country. Do your own work as much as possible yourself. Only accepting message on this International labour day, rather than formally observing this day can be a true celebration of this day.

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