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COVID Crisis-Future Game Changer

Covid crisis-a game changer

Many problems have been faced due to Lockdown, but this lock-down can bring a lot of changes in some areas like office work education health etc. It seems that even after recovering from this COVID crisis, this is going to be a game-changer.

Work from Home
Work from home-Covid Crisis will change the work style

The trend of work from home and earnings from home will grow.

However, advanced IT companies from around the world even before the Corona Crisis adopted the work from home culture But now in this era of corona epidemic, many companies in India as well as in the world have asked their employees for work from home.

We feel that even after the elimination of the corona infection, this trend is going on because it is proving to be a profitable deal for both the employees and the company. Work firm home policy can save companies a lot of savings as meeting arrangements, transportation expenses of employees will be reduced.

Work from home will also save time as we see that a lot of time is spent on the road reaching to office and way back to home.Time savings will increase productivity. The health of the employees will also be right as they will have regular and healthy food at home.However, work from home will also cause some problems. For example, data privacy is the biggest concern.But in the long term, companies will think of getting rid of this problem, if true, many companies have already got rid of this problem.

Online class trend
Online class trend will be on rise

The trend of online classes will increase

Earlier, it was a fantasy that a teacher sitting in one corner of the world can teach any student sitting somewhere on the other corner of the world.
Online classes were already in trend in private coaching tutorials and in sectors like information technology. The way the government has asked all schools and colleges to promote online classes during Lokdhovan, show some positive movement in this trend. Howard University has also recently started some courses online, which is an important step in this direction

One positive aspect of this is that the children who used to shy away from asking question in a class full of students earlier , now asking questions unhesitantly in online classes.

Covid-19 crisis--world would not be same after this crisis
Covid-19 Crisis-Health facilities will get priority over all others

Health facilities will also be affected

People will put more emphasis on increasing immunity and staying healthy It is understood from the death figures in infected persons in this corona epidemic, that the people whose body defense system is good and strong, they have more chances of recovery from infection.
Illness is affecting more to those people whose defense system is weak.
In Ayurveda, much attention is given to strengthening the body’s defense system.There is a change in the whole world here that the intake of Ayurvedic herbs should be increased, due to this, people may have a tendency towards Ayurveda in the future. Health infrastructure will expand, doctors’ numbers will increase, telemedicine will expand

Telemedicine trend
Telemedicine -online consultation and medical checkup

In this era of Kovid 19, when it is difficult to go to the hospital, people are taking the help of telemedicine. Technology has a special contribution to this. Platform to provide Telemedicine and investment in developing it will increase in the coming days

Research and production of medicines, medical device, vaccines will increase, a policy that will facilitate easy disposal of these services will be implemented. It is expected that after the Corona period, the focus will be on the training of medical paramedical nurses doctors, Healthcare Infrastructure will be strong.
The number of medical colleges and paramedical training centres is also expected to increase substantially Normally, it takes 5 years for a vaccine to come into the market. In view of this emergency of Corona period, all the health institutions and regulatory bodies are trying here to get the virus vaccine available in the market as soon as possible

Value of relationship
Value of relationship

Not only this, but this virus will also be taught to respect the importance of relationships and loved ones

Perhaps this is the first time that we have been with our family for so long during this Lochdovan period. though there are some negative aspects of this being felt by everyone. But if we think about the positive aspect, we have started giving importance to the space of life partner in our life, we started noticing the importance of their work. Here we can say, lockdown is a kind of litmus test of a relationship

Certainly, the external circumstances will not be the same, they are bound to be changed. But this COVID crisis will sure teach a lesson that the most important and true capital is to value the relationship.

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