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Air Pollution-A threat much bigger than Covid-19

Air pollution-a threat bigger than covid-19

Today you will be surprised to hear that more deaths are occurring due to air pollution in the whole world than COVID-19. There may be some people in your knowledge or family who have had a heart attack, diabetes, lung cancer or some serious lung disease, and doctors have also treated these diseases. But hardly any doctor has said that you have a disease called Air Pollution. You are told that you are a heart patient, that is, a heart patient or you have asthma. But no one tells that this has happened because you live in Delhi or any other such city. Where air pollution is very high.

Air pollution is the biggest cause of death in India
According to the Global Air 2020 report of the Health Effects Institute of America, in 2019, 67 million people lost their lives due to air pollution. Half of these deaths have occurred in China and India alone. However, more than 11 lakh people have lost their lives all over the world so far due to infection of Kovid-19 i.e. more deaths are due to pollution due to coronavirus. But nobody talks about it. Last year 16 lakh people lost their lives in India because they were breathing in polluted air. According to this report, air pollution has become the fourth cause of death in the world. But air pollution is the biggest cause of death in India.

  • Four major causes of deaths in the world are to be seen, the first reason is high blood pressure, the second reason is the cancer disease caused by tobacco consumption, the third reason is malnutrition and the fourth reason is air pollution.

However, air pollution is the biggest cause of death in India. High blood pressure has become the second cause of death in India.

According to this report, 1 lakh 16 thousand newborns died in India due to air pollution in the year 2019.

  • Surprisingly, the number of deaths in India due to Corona virus so far is only 1 lakh 16 thousand.(Data is till this blog is published) According to this report, 5 lakh children died in the whole world due to air pollution last year.

In India, the number of children who lost their lives in one year of birth is the highest in the world. After listening to the names of the three countries after India, you will understand how pathetic the condition of India has become in terms of pollution. Children born in the year 2019, who died within a month of birth, their number was more than 1 lakh in India. After India, countries like Nigeria, Pakistan and Ethiopia are named in this list.

The biggest cause of these deaths is indoor air pollution ie indoor air pollution. Statistics show that in the world last year, 64 per cent of the deaths of children were due to air pollution in the house and 36 per cent of the deaths were particulate matter 2.5 or fine particles of dust, which dissolved like poison in the air.

Perhaps you also consider air pollution a minor problem. Today, the average air quality index of Delhi is AQI 366. It is seven times worse than the ideal air to breathe and according to a research, breathing in this polluted air is equivalent to drinking 17 cigarettes every day. However, the AQI of some areas of Delhi has reached more than 400 i.e. the air there is dangerous for your health. If you live in Delhi then you must have also realized that you are having trouble breathing. Perhaps you would have noticed that there was no sunshine in Delhi and surrounding areas yesterday. However, the reason is not the cloud, but air pollution. If you are breathing in the polluted air of these cities, then your breath count is decreasing rapidly. Today, the AQI of Shillong is the lowest in the entire country i.e. 17. Shillong’s air is 21 times cleaner than the average AQI of Delhi.

India’s pollution is a hot election issue in America
Air pollution is so high in different cities of India that now US President Donald Trump has started using it in his election campaign, that means pollution of India has become an election issue in America. The second and final presidential debate took place in the US for the presidential election. In this debate, US President Donald Trump and Presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke on the issue of climate change and in this debate, Donald Trump named India among the countries that could not control air pollution.

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