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Dedicated To the Most Amazing Man in the Whole Wide World – Happy Birthday, Papa!

Dedicated To the Most Amazing Man in the Whole Wide World - Happy Birthday, Papa!

Dear Papa,

I had heard in childhood that there is an angel for every human being who keeps him safe from every difficulty. He is never visible but stays with him like a shadow every moment. Before we ask, he understands what we want, and with his magic, the thing comes in front of us. He turns our small achievements into celebrations. Yes, I heard it in childhood.

Happy Birthday Papa
Happy Birthday Papa

Growing up, it seemed that these are all stories; in fact, nothing like this happens. But today, I know, my angel was always with me. He stood like a shield for me all the time, but I did not recognize him. I did not understand the meaning of those stories then, but today I have understood their depth. I have understood that my secret angel is none other than you, Papa.

Mothers get many opportunities to express their love, but a father always keeps those feelings inside him. He does not get a chance to express his emotions. But today, when I am also a father, I can proudly say that ‘one should learn from you to fulfil the duties of father’.

Today, on the occasion of your birthday, I want to tell you some things, which were probably buried somewhere in my heart till now. And on this occasion, I do not want to miss the opportunity and want to tell you how much I love you and respect you wholeheartedly.

I never told you, but I have always followed you secretly. I have learned many things from you, and I will feel blessed if I adopt at least a few of them in my life.

I have learned Working Hard from you. Since childhood, I have seen you working tirelessly for us. Even today, when you should relax, you are still engaged in doing one thing or other for the family. It inspires me to be as hard-working as you are.

I have learned Never to Give up on anyone. Your life has been full of struggle. You started from a small village with limited resources, but you never succumbed to the constraints. You gave us good education and a full opportunity to move forward. Whatever situation was there, but you never gave up.

I have learned the Importance of Health from you. You have always taught us what the importance of health is. Being associated with the RSS and being an Ayurvedic doctor, you never took health lightly. And today, as a doctor myself, I can say that you had given proper education to all of us.

I have learned How to Follow Passion along with my profession. You never stopped following your love for poetry because of household responsibilities. In fact, you took it as a source of refreshment. And I feel blessed to have your beautiful poetry as a source of inspiration with us.

These are only a few things, but I know that I have learned every small lesson of life from you, which illuminate my way at every step. Your life inspires me to move forward, and that no matter how the circumstances are, we do not have to stop. Even after achieving everything in life, your simple life and down to earth attitude increase your respect for yourself.

Every year this day reminds me of how fortunate I am to have you as my father. No birthday gift in this world can ever be worthy of your contribution to my life. All your life, you always protected us. You always worked hard to make our dreams come true. No matter how much we grow but we’ll always look to you as our inspiration.

Today, On behalf of the family, I would like to say that – You are an inspiration for us who smoothly handled all our difficulties and gave us the courage. Thanks, is a small word to show you our gratitude. You truly deserve all the peace, joys and blessings of the whole universe. It’s your unconditional love, sacrifices, teaching, and care that are the root of our success. We can’t repay the un-conditional things you did for us, but the only thing we can offer you is our eternal love.

Congratulations on another year of life! All we desire is to see you happy and healthy and to always be with us. Happy Birthday!!

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