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Know some interesting facts related to tea

Know some interesting facts about tea

Come, friends, read this special blog on wonderful tea is for tea lovers like me. You can click this post with a picture. The post that will fill your morning with fresh tea. This post is especially for all you lovers who do their morning good morning tea and wonderful status.

Tea without this the world seems nonexistent
Tea without this the world seems nonexistent

Tea is very much liked all over the world. Many people do not have a day without tea. Many people complain that if they do not get tea as soon as they wake up in the morning, then their whole day gets spoiled.

Tea in India is not just a drink but a part of the culture. Welcoming guests with a cup of tea is considered a sign of civilization, and if one does not drink tea, it is said that he did not ask us even a cup of tea. You must be wondering why we are discussing so much about tea. As you know International Tea day was celebrated on 21 May.
This day must have arose some interest about knwoing more about tea,so dont worry we bring you you some interesting facts and things related to tea. Tea is the beverage that is the most consumed in the world after water.

International Tea day
International Tea day to empower rural economy of India

According to the mythology associated with tea, tea drinking started in China 5000 years ago. The production of tea in India, started in 1835 by the British, East India Company in Assam.
In terms of tea production, India is the second largest producer after China. About 20 percent of the world’s tea production is in India.

It is said that more than fifteen hundred types of tea are drunk in the world. Tea is the national drink of Afghanistan and Iran. 300 million cups of tea are consumed daily in the world.

In India, a person drinks about 26 cups of tea in a month. And 70 per cent of the tea grown in India is used only in India.

Chaya Shayari

Come, friends, here is a shayari post on some wonderful tea that will fill your morning with fresh tea. This shayari is especially for all you lovers who do it in the morning with good morning tea and wonderful status.

Chaya shayari

मिलो कभी चाय पर फिर क़िस्से बुनेंगे..तुम ख़ामोशी से कहना हम चुपके से सुनेंगे.

क तेरा ख़्याल ही तो है मेरे पास.वरना कौन अकेले में बैठे कर चाय पीता है.

चाय, शायरी, और तुम्हारी यादेभाते बहुत हो. दिल जलाते बहुत हो .

कुछ इस तरह से शक्कर को 
बचा लिया करो, चाय जब पीओ हमें 
जहन में बैठा लिया करो.

आज फिर चाय की मेज़ पर 
एक हसरत बिछी रह गयी,

प्यालियों ने तो लब छू लिए 
केतली देखती रह गयी.

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